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Penthouse Policies

Penthouse 26 is deluxe rehearsal studio complete with microphones, mixers, amps, cabs, monitors and drums. You must be highly experienced and knowledgeable on how to connect and operate

ALL of the various equipment that is available.

Penthouse 26 is not responsible for outside equipment brought to the premises nor any possessions left behind.

Users are 100% responsible for the gear at Penthouse 26. Repairs to damaged Amps, Cabs, drums, cymbals and all other gear will be paid by the person who rented that session.

A $50 damage deposit is required for each session

(unless you are a Penthouse 26 member).

Note: there is a $5 bank fee applied on the deposit refund.

Full payment is required when booking your session (VISA Mastercard  and Interac accepted).

​Refunds for unused sessions:  if 5 DAY advance notice is given, we will issue a full refund coupon (to be used in the next 6 months). If a cash refund is required then there will be a $20 fee.

If notice given with less than 5 days before session, then there will be no refund (unless another band has rebooked it).


Refunds are subject to review based on individual circumstance.


Our smoke detector is very sensitive, so no smoking or vaping allowed. All cost incurred due to setting off the fire alarm will be covered by the person who rented that session.

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